I Had An Injection Of Deca-Durabolin A Month For Six Months Out Of Any Medical Control.

"I am a 40 y. old Italian man, I have a beautiful family and I have experienced both positive and negative effects of anabolic steroids. I have to say that I used the latter for a short time and in a small amount however I think my experience may be instructive for other people. I leave in a catholic Latin country where people are somewhat frustrated with prejudice and moralism even if only a very small number are really religious. Most of Italian guys who like weight-lift have to deal with a delicate balance between the wish to improve their body and the idea they have to accept themselves in a ÒnaturalÓ state. Unfortunately, vanity is not considered a masculine feeling but Latin males are very vanitous. Thus the use of steroids is surrounded by big pressure and mental stress. I think that in this condition, illegal use of steroids is enhanced very much.

I had an injection of Deca-Durabolin a month for six months out of any medical control. With a twice-a-week training I obtained apparent results in 4 months. I was very proud of my body and I can felt that both male and female were attracted, for the same or different motif by my new body. My sex life was very improved and it was very exciting to realise that also my wife was secretly excited by my muscle. I didnÕt have any negative side-effect and I really felt much more strong and positive minded toward my work and relationship with other people.

At this point I decided that it was time to have a baby, but after several attempts my wife was not pregnant. My doctor examined my sperm and he find a oligospermia. I had to take strong dosage of gonadotropins to rise the amount of spermatozoids. By the way, it's apparent that gonadotropins cost much more than illegal steroids. At the and a beautiful baby was born. I cannot imagine my life without my child and I was very happy to renounce to my muscles for some years.

Now I think that the use of steroid in small amount, and of course not in a crazy spiral, should be allowed because they could be important to improve the life quality of a lot of man. However, medical advice should be followed to avoid the losing the chance to experience the terrific experience to get a son."

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