Steroids Like Testosterone Cypionate Helped Me Build Muscle Fast

"Growing up I would go to the gym and watch these big guys lift all the time and I pretty much looked up to them. These guys were like my heroes, they would go in the gym everyday and were stacked and they would throw these weights around like they were absolutely nothing. So, I decided early on, that I would try to start lifting weights myself.

Everyone who starts lifting weights trys to find a way or ways to get bigger faster. It is just common in our society today. People want an edge over other people and will do just about any thing to be bigger. Well some people will but not all of them. Anyways so I've been lifiting for about seven years now and probably will lift for many more years to come. I'm about 6'1 225 lbs. I've always played football all my life and other sports to go along with it.

One day lets just say I was getting ready to go to college and I've been working my butt off to gain weight. Well one of those so called 'heroes' of mine was like 'Hey man I've got some stuff that would really help you in your college football career'. So me being my young self I was pretty much like a kid in a candy store. I thought if anything would give me an edge it would be alright.

But see the problem with everyone and anabolic steroids is that nobody researches their information enough and learns enough about the anabolics they are about to put in their body week after week or day after day. So my cycle started out as 1cc of Testosterone Cypionate and 1cc of winstrol a week. I worked out tremendously hard while on this cycle I won some powerlifinting competitions as well.

My body changed tremendously I went from like 240lbs to around 220lbs but was much leaner and stronger. What was so crazy about it was that My diet was terrible and I pretty much had no idea what i was doing which in turn one day will get you hurt if you do not do your research. So every one i knew started to recognize my body and I have to admit it is very and I mean very addicting. You think in your mind well If i take more of this magic solution then I will just continue to look better and better. In my personal opinion that is the addicting part of steroids. But that is where you've got to be head strong as a person and say No that is not the solution.

All that I can say folks is that always remember to do your research! Steroids will help you grow but not by just sitting around on your butt. You still have to work hard and have your diet in check. Always have a good diet, train hard, and do your research. Steroids have not been harmful in my life so far although you never know the long term effects it could have on my body.

Be careful and Keep growing,

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