Never Do Oral Steroids Like Anadrol And Dianabol For More Than 4 Weeks.

"I'm 25 years old 5'7" 195lbs and 10% bf. I've done 4 cycles so far and am currently on my fifth one. I've tried everything from test, deca, sustanon, tren, d-bol, andriol, masteron, etc.

I've had great success and have gained 40lbs mostly muscle, from steroids. However, a cycle has to be done correctly or you may get permanent nasty side affects.

I have a friend who ended up in the hospital because he was on a cycle for too long. He had a liver tumor that ruptured which the doctors said was from prolong steroid use. My point is for those out there who are thinking about using steroids should do extensive research before using. I did alot of research for 6 months on steroids before even starting.

I have some advice that only my experience has taught me that would be very helpful to those who are willing to listen. First, never cycle for longer than 12 weeks! Second, if your going to do orals such as anadrol, dbols, etc., never ever do them for more than 4 weeks, o Finally, always take ancillaries also known as anti e's with your cycle to reduce side effects. I hope my input will help those out there thinking of doing steroids."

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