While Using Steroids I Couldn't Stop Getting Into Fights

"For all my life, pretty much, I have always felt mediocre in everything I do. In sports, they way I look ,anything that has to do with any kind of athletic venture. I started lifting weights at the age of 16. I was a flabby 170 pounds at 5'6 nothing impressive at all which really started getting to me. I mean I was always popular in Highschool but i started noticing the kids in my grade (at the time i was a sophomore in HS) were starting to get built and musclar and it annoyed the hell out of me. No matter how much i worked out and ran i was still behind everybody i knew.

After two wasted years of working out and spending all kinds of money on natural stuff proteing powders glutimines hmb and all of that crap I got absolutely no where. I was benching 185 for 6 reps on a good day and squatting 225 and everything else I was lifting was a joke. At this point I had no idea about anabolics at all so I wasn't even considering it.

After graduating from school and still being a flabbing mess and a weak s**t I started working at a gym near my house. When I walked into this gym (really hardcore compared to the fitness club i was going to) I was amazed. The guys were f***ing huge. Veins everywhere, most guys over 230 it was ridiculous.

I remember talking to one of the guys there i will call him by his his nickname juice, and he was telling me all I ever wanted to know about anabolics (obviously I knew that he was juicing and so where these other guys and I wanted in). So I did my reading and research about the subject and i was sold. My boss at the time helped me out b/c me and him were good friends.

I purchased 20 amps of organon sus for 11 each and the 2ml of deca about 50 mgs each all together i spent 350 not bad oh yea and 100 dbols too. When I started the stuff I thought it was fake and then by the 5th week my weight shot through the roof and my strength too. The cycle lasted 8 weeks. I went from 188 to 220 and Iwent from benching 185 to about 255 for 8 reps and my arms went from 15.5 to about a little bit over 17. It was great.

I only went off for a few weeks but I was still sloppy and I needed to get in shape for the summer; which was kinda hard seeing that I was always breaking my hands on peoples faces b/c I was constantly raging and getting in trouble (especially with the cops). So I trimmed down with some winstrol and tren and was about 185 at about 8% body fat and started getting more attention fromt he ladies which I enjoyed very much. But started getting in more trouble with peopel criticizing me for juicing all the time.

I remeber getting ito a fight raging on some guy who looked at me the wrong way and his friend smashing a bottle over my face permantely disfiguring my nose and spending a night in jail. All in all it was not all bad. I have done 4 cycles since my first one but I stay at a lean 165 at 7% bodyfat and try not to go nuts everytime someone looks at me the wrong way and now I am thinking about bulking again b/c i want to compete.

To me steroids are not all bad just as long as you take them responsibly b/c me specifically I did not. I was injecting close to my sciatic nerve reusing pins not sanitazing the area getting abesses out the a**. I learned by trial by error which I do not wish upon no one. All I am saying is if you decide to do something have someone there to help you and guide you in the right direction."

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